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Types of cardboard

  To produce our packages we use corrugated cardboard which consists of external smooth sheets of cardboard and internal waved sheets of cardboard. There are many different types of corrugated cardboard with different technical specification and usage.

Structure of cardboard


schemat tektury

A - Wave height
B - Distance between waves’ peaks

  We divide cardboard into five types depending on a number of waves:

2-layer cardboard


  • We use it as a protection in indoor repairs. It can protect floors in building where we paint and do other redecorations. Thanks to two layers it rests dry.  
  • It replaces foil and it is an ecological product. It does not have any chemical ingredients. It is a product 100% bio-degradable and is not harmful to our health and our environment.
  • It can be re-used.
  • It can be put directly onto packages, as inserts or as a half- product for cardboard packages.

It is most often packed into rolls with width of 160 cm and length of 10-150 lm.

Tektura 2 warstwowa

3-layer cardboard

Wave E (microwave) height about 2mm
Standard basis weight 360g/410m2
Basis weight for orders 330-410 g/m2

Tektura 3 warstwowa - mikrofala

Wave B height about 2,5 -3 mm
Standard basis weight 400m2
Basis weight for orders 330-600 g/m2

Tektura 3 warstwowa - fala B

Wave C height about 3-4 mm
Basis weight for orders 400-600 g/m2

Tektura 3 warstwowa - fala C

4-layer cardboard

These are for example two external sheets of paper and two internal which are called a wave.

5-layer cardboard

Mixed wave EB height about 5 mm
Basis weight for orders 650-850 g/m2

Tektura 5 warstwowa - fala EB

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