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Cardboard packaging - our offer

  • folding packages stapled or glued
  • die-cut packages made of cardboard cut out according to customer’s requirements
  • unit or collective packages
  • cardboard packages grey or one side white
  • cardboard boxes 3 or 5 layer or solid
  • multi-gabarit packages for furniture
  • protection for windows and doors corners
  • cardboard pallets
  • confectionery cardboards
  • inserts to boxes protecting their content
  • fleksographic or screen printing
  • cardboard boxes for vegetables and fruits
  • tapes for cardboard packages
  • We realize also small individual orders.

We also sell wholesale:
  • 3 or 5 layer corrugated board sheets and micro-corrugated board
  • 2 layer cardboard rolls

To produce our packages we use:

  • 3 layer corrugated board with B, C, E waves, 280-600 g/m2 with grey or white cover
  • 5 layer corrugated board with BC, BE waves, 700-900 g/m2 with grey or white cover
  • solid board white or grey 250-900 g/m2

If you are looking for a packaging but you cannot describe it we can pro vide you with an International Corrugated Board Packaging Catalogue FEFCO.

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