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"Cart-Pack" Spółka Jawna P.M.Gniteccy
Tabor Wielki 41
63-640 Bralin

tel : 62 781 22 57

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Cardboard packaging and pallets producer

Cart-pack from Tabor Wielki is a company which produces various types of corrugated board packages both three and five layer. Our cardboard packages are widely used in food industry (packages for confectioneries, bakeries, pizzas, layer cakes etc), motor, chemical, furniture and clothing industry as well as in transport and global logistics.

We fulfill orders for:
  • folding packages stapled or glued in waves C, B, E
  • multi-gabarit boxes for euro pallets
  • unit cardboard packages
  • small and medium cardboard boxes cut out according to customer’s needs
  • disposable cardboard pallets
  • styrofoam cubes protecting windows and doors edges, inserts, separators, trusses

It is only a part of our products that we have on offer. We fulfill all our orders as a composite unity. We co-operate with many suppliers of corrugated board and we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of cardboard packages. All our packages can be overprinted in a fleksographic technique.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate our office. Our employees will help you to choose a product the most suitable to your requirements.

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